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Fresh Louisiana Oysters



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Introducing fresh Louisiana oysters from Campo Brother’s Seafood – the ultimate taste of the Gulf!
Our oysters are sustainably harvested from the nutrient-rich waters of Louisiana’s bays and estuaries, and are carefully selected for their size, flavor, and texture. With their briny, complex taste and tender, plump meat, these oysters are a true culinary delight.
At Campo Brother’s Seafood, we are committed to providing our customers with the freshest, highest-quality oysters possible. Our oysters are carefully handled and processed to preserve their natural flavor and texture, and are never treated with preservatives or chemicals.
Whether you’re serving them raw on the half-shell, grilling them with garlic butter, or adding them to a rich seafood stew, our Louisiana oysters are sure to impress. Their rich, complex flavor and tender texture make them a favorite among seafood lovers everywhere.
Order now and experience the taste of the Gulf with fresh Louisiana oysters from Campo Brother’s Seafood. With every bite, you’ll savor the briny flavors and fresh, oceanic taste that can only come from the Gulf’s pristine waters.

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100 count sacks, 50 count sacks
Campo Bro's Business Inc. is a delivery service that consists of selling and delivering the freshest seafood from Hopedale Louisiana. We are in partnership with Havana Oyster Company with Greg Perez jr. being the owner.

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